UVcell Solar Announces Strategic Partnership with SolarFeeds Amid Solar Panel Supply Challenges

UVcell Solar, formerly known as Earthtech Enterprises, Inc (dba, ETE Solar), a leading full-service, large-scale solar solution provider, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with SolarFeeds, a pivotal move aimed at addressing the ongoing solar panel supply shortage in North America. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in our mission to advance a sustainable energy future by ensuring the availability of high-quality, cost-effective solar solutions in the face of current market challenges.

The solar industry has been facing unprecedented supply chain issues, primarily due to the COVID-19 resurgence and the imposition of tariffs on Chinese-made solar panels. These challenges are compounded by a formal investigation into the circumvention of existing duties on panels and cells by Chinese manufacturers, who have outsourced production to affiliated assembly plants in Southeast Asia. In response to these obstacles, SolarFeeds has developed an innovative alternative supply chain strategy, focusing initially on providing high-quality, low-cost solar cells for modules in the U.S. market.

UVcell Solar, with its international presence in the US, Asia, and Canada, and a secure supply of Tier 1 solar panels for all projects, is uniquely positioned to support this initiative. Our partnership with SolarFeeds will leverage Earthtech’s extensive distribution network to bring these essential materials to the North American market, ensuring that contractors, installers, and developers have reliable access to solar panels without the burden of overseas sourcing or high tariffs.

“Our collaboration with SolarFeeds is a testament to our commitment to finding innovative solutions to market challenges,” said the CEO of UVcell Solar. “With Earthtech’s resources and SolarFeeds’ alternative supply chain, we can offer a reliable supply of solar panels in North America at competitive prices, benefiting consumers and the construction industry alike.”

This partnership not only aims to mitigate the current supply shortage but also to establish a sustainable model for solar panel distribution in North America. By partnering with solar panel manufacturers to secure a stable supply, UVcell Solar and SolarFeeds are ensuring that distributors, franchisees, and end-users can benefit from economies of scale and an improved supply situation.

SolarFeeds’ distributed panels are manufactured with top-tier materials and undergo rigorous quality control tests to meet the highest industry standards. From utility-scale to rooftop installations, our products are designed to meet a wide variety of customer needs, with installation performed by certified contractors in accordance with the latest safety regulations.

About UVcell Solar

UVcell Solar is a leading full-service, large-scale solar solution provider with an international presence in the US, Asia, and Canada. UVcell Solar can provide support at any stage of a project, including financing, procuring equipment, building, and maintaining solar panel systems. Our mission is to advance a sustainable energy future by enabling efficient, seamless, and transparent solar solutions globally through our network of world-class partners. UVcell Solar provides a secure supply of Tier 1 solar panels for all of its projects.

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Beletza Vazquez
VP of Operations